Tune into the Universe

You may be well down the path or just becoming aware that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, a unified intelligence that is powerful and pervasive. It is a dynamic resource that is readily available to help us grow and be happy, and it is surprisingly easy to access.

Many people struggle with the idea of unseen intelligence. WiFi is a great metaphor for understanding the idea that invisible energy and information floats around you all day. It's always out there; you just have to tap into it. Smartphones, iPads, and laptops act as the receivers. We don't question how, we just benefit from the technology.

The same is true with the Universal Consciousness. If you have ever experienced:

  • Serendipity
  • Sudden inspiration
  • Intuitive knowing
  • Happy coincidence
  • Deep stillness

...then you have stumbled upon connectivity with that unified intelligence.

Simply the Conduit

While connecting and communicating with broader Universal Consciousness eludes some, others are able to tune in and facilitate direct dialogue which is often called Channeling. Channellers are people who act as conduits for Universal Consciousness, helping others who have not yet found their connection to establish one. Sue Thompson has this ability and is a gifted channeller. Her sessions bring forth incredibly specific information that yields tremendous benefit. Always enlightening, every session ends with a wealth of on-point guidance being relayed.


Contact us to see how this may benefit you, or to book a local or distance session with Sue.