Conscious Change Coaching


Do you feel the winds of change urging you to break with the past and embrace a new and more satisfying future? The art and science of conscious change can help you take your life to the next level of happiness and satisfaction.

The Catalyst that helps you find Meaning, Purpose, Happiness and Connection. The goal of our work is to ignite the fire that is already smoldering within. Despite the desire for change, most people don’t take action to effectively make it happen. As your coach, we help you clarify your intentions, see clearly, and support you on your journey through changes that you make happen. You will begin making decisions in your life deliberately and with clear intention.

If you’re aware that many of your habits aren’t working for you anymore, then you’re ready for a conscious change. With it, you will feel useful, centered, energised, and peaceful in the knowledge that your authentic Self is expressed, celebrated, and satisfied.

Changing your life doesn’t have to take a lifetime. As your catalyst, we can accelerate your process in a way that is insightful and inspiring.

We would be honored to act as your coach as you discover and develop your unique abilities, passions, and gifts. Contact us to arrange a discussion.