Heart on Fire

If the game of life feels heavy, then it’s time to set your heart on fire.

There is a deep passion within us all. We all sense it, yet many are still to discover the joy of pure connection with the essence of life.

Join us for a day of Direct Inquiry into the Core Beliefs that hold you back.

Core Beliefs are old, often subconscious, limitations and rules that we place upon ourselves. These rules keep us living a life bound within limits established through our conditioning and response to our environment as we grew up. Viewed through the “child’s eye”, much of our early experiences were based on Security, Sensations and Power.

These lower levels of consciousness keep us stuck on the treadmill of creating situations in our life that support the old Core Belief(s) and prevent the experience of happiness, harmony and potential that is truly ours.

You will be guided through a process to identify, challenge and break the hold the Core Beliefs have upon your life. Expanding your conscious awareness and enabling you to more freely access the sense of Self, possibilities and potential that awaits.

Heart on Fire workshops are held in Australia and New Zealand, and Internationally by request. Contact us to join the next workshop.