Living R.E.A.L.

Your Best Self Awaiting Discovery!

If you’re like most of the people on this planet, you have gathered an extensive array of programming and patterns over your lifetime. They stem from:

  • Family
  • Environment
  • Society

Under the weight of much external pressure, we develop layer after layer of self-protective personality and behaviours. Particularly as children, following the directions of others seems completely natural. Then we discover life’s not turning out the way we hoped.

Let Your Inner Wisdom Be Your Compass

Trying to figure out life on your own has its limitations. Your mind plays games with you and can sabotage your best efforts at self-improvement at the exact moment where you can have a breakthrough.

The Living R.E.A.L program steps you through a process of discovery specifically focussed on:

  • Relationships
    • We perceive our entire existence through relationships.
    • Learn the true meaning of relationship and the impact of living in harmony. 
  • Energy
    • As vibrational beings - energy plays an integral role in our experience. It is the very essence of life.
    • Learn how to access, feel, clean up and expand your energetic field and start manifesting the life you want.
  • Alignment
    • How we feel is a great indicator of how aligned our life is with what we want.
    • Gain clarity and insight into your true expression of self and align your life activities with your greatest joy and sense of purpose.
  • Liberation
    • As human beings, we have all accumulated many limiting beliefs and behaviours.
    • Breaking down your patterns and reprograming your thinking kicks aside the "self-imposed" limitations, offering the opportunity to tap your potential and liberate yourself to explore more of who and what you are, unlocking energy and resources you never imagined available.

As you reconnect with your true authentic nature, you will be amazed at your ability to translate your knowledge into immediate positive improvements in every aspect of your life.

The Living R.E.A.L. program is a series of 4 workshop modules.

Break free of redundant patterns and beliefs that hold you back and develop a conscious perspective for direction, fulfilment and a life that flows.

Living R.E.A.L. programs are held in Australia and New Zealand, and Internationally by request. Contact us to join the next program.