My Navigator

A GPS for Life’s Big & Small Decisions

No matter what your age or gender, your life will be filled with crossroads and the decisions you make will impact your future. Decision-making is hard enough without having your thought processes muddled by self-doubt.

In the one-day My Navigator workshop, you’ll discover simple techniques that will help you determine which move is best for you in any given situation:

  • Finished your education? What do you do next?
  • Want a new job? What will be the best fit?
  • Relationships challenging? How to harmonise, extend or exit a relationship?
  • Feeling stuck? Not sure what’s next?


Self-doubt, negative thinking, and a lifetime of conforming to other people’s opinion can make you uncertain as to how to proceed. Don’t stay lost in a fog of indecision.

Discover your guidance system by joining
the MY NAVIGATOR Workshop.


As you work to know yourself, you will simultaneously learn to trust yourself. This will free you to make real-world decisions that are clear, specific, and exponentially more powerful.

My Navigator workshops are held in Australia and New Zealand, and Internationally by request. Contact us to book an event for your group or to join the next workshop.