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The Pure Heart tribe have come together for the purpose of individual and collective expansion.  We each bring a different perspective, skill set and approach.

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Sue Thompson

  • “It's not the path, but the light you shine on the path that matters.”   

    ...and many fascinating paths have led me here!

    I had the great good fortune to meet my husband Grant at a young age, and we have been life partners in the truest sense of the word for over 35 years.

    Grant introduced me to Ken Keye’s – Handbook to Higher Consciousness in my early 20’s and the journey began. We spent the next 20 years raising kids and living as close to 12 Pathways as possible. Owning and operating several businesses together and travelling the highs and lows of life.

    However my habitual behavioural patterns reigned supreme, and although I thought I was fairly happy, my life was frenetic, stressful and unfulfilling. The carrot of something better, more success, love or approval was ever present.

    Then we discovered Systemic Constellation work, and I had my first experience of energy beyond my own. The world opened up for me from that moment. I suddenly had a tool to explore all my relationships; with myself, money, my children, husband, work and my life’s direction.

    Life expanded further with the introduction of the teachings of Conscious Awareness and Awakening through Gangaji and Eli Jaxon-Bear. Thus connecting the dots between the intuitive field accessed during the Constellation process and my connection to broader Consciousness as Self, a Heart-Centred being.

    Incorporating this expansion into every aspect of my life, including my Corporate Professional Development practice, has captivated the last ten years of my life.

    The next leap forward was that of direct connection to Universal Consciousness as and beyond my sense of self. The deep peace, love and happiness that infuse my life as a result of this expansion are beyond words, and still, the unfolding continues...

    Sharing Happiness and Consciousness

    I would be delighted to share with you all that I have learned, my ability to connect with Universal Consciousness, and the discoveries that unfold every day.

    Resonance is the key to finding the person who can help you grow. So, if what you read on this site resonates with you, please contact us to explore how we may share this transformational experience with you.

Grant Thompson

  • We never know when it's going to happen for people, maybe it's just their time, when they start to question is this it, or is there something better for me in life?

    I had been asking this question for some time and find it fascinating and concerning that very few people know or believe that it is possible to live a very happy life.  I took many years to accomplish this and there is always more, but it has become very easy now to live happily and authentically, simply as me.

    It needn't have taken so long, but I guess I went through quite a few dry gullies and around rocky steep ridges of self-inquiry and introspection before really breaking through.  The rewards are incalculable and cannot express in words, just lived to the fullest extent and in joy.

    You see we are gifted with very smart minds that hang on to our old ways of suffering and won't be convinced through analysis or intellectual rationale.  It is only through the personal experience of your expansive self that lifts the claws of the mind that keep you trapped.  There is no going back from such an experience as once the "genie" is out of the bottle there are way too many wonderful things to explore and become.

    I offer my experience as a well-trodden path that leads to great happiness in far less time than it took me to forge it!

Ava Leonard

  • “Health is life’s greatest gift. It is my joy and passion to help others find that gift within themselves.”

    After years of chronic illness and exhausting all of the traditional Western health modalities, serendipity directed me to the curative power of BodyTalk. I was amazed by the speed at which my stubborn body responded to this innovative therapy.

    For the first time in many years, I felt empowered in my body and able to effect the healthy changes I yearned for. The healing I experienced inspired me to take a new direction in life: empowering others to take charge of their health - simply by attuning to the body’s natural healing ability!

    This has been a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation for both my clients and myself. I draw on a diverse experiential background in holistic healthcare to help clients take charge of their health, to help them understand why their health suffers, and to show clients that they have all the tools to heal themselves. This inspires and motivates me to continuously seek a deeper, broader understanding of the human body’s natural healing potential.

Blake Thompson

  • The story of how I came to be in a position to share knowledge with you is a short and cosmic one.

    As a young man with absolutely no idea but the strongest possible desire to know what it is to be free, I was led down a road of transformative experiences that were designed to open me up. All of these experiences saw me say yes to life regardless of what I felt or thought might happen.

    What I discovered was that by following my heart regardless of any perceived consequences, freedom began to reveal itself. Lifelong limitations that had always stood in my way began to crumble all around me.

    It is now my absolute pleasure to serve those looking for their highest freedom. To aid anyone who is thirsty for truth, to pierce through the clouds of confusion, and breathe the crystal clear air of their magnificence. I also like walks on the beach.