The Nurturing hand of Nature


Busy lives often make it difficult to allow for the quiet retreat necessary to reconnect, feel grounded and aligned with what is most important in life. We often find life full of stressful activity and fragmented thinking, with no pause for deeper consideration of what we want and how we want to feel.

Being amongst nature creates calm and accelerates the discovery of self, free from the usual distractions of life. Reflecting upon the natural beauty enhances our ability for self-reflection and exploration.

Our Retreats are designed for small groups to assemble in beautiful places in New Zealand and Australia. Healthy food, great company and accommodation ranging from luxurious to comfortable, onsite and offsite, three days, five days and seven-day retreats allow for deep exploration and integration.

We harness the natural environment as we work through the appropriate techniques to unwind and open to fresh perspectives.

Returning you home with

  • A deep sense of peace and spaciousness
  • Clarity for your next phase to unfold
  • A toolkit of techniques to help you stay connected
  • A reignited passion for life and self-expression


Nurtured by Nature Retreats are held in Australia and New Zealand, and Internationally by request. Contact us to design a custom made event for your group or to join our next retreat.