System Constellations

Replace Entanglements & Dissonance with Peace and Harmony

The Constellation process offers insight into and healing of a situation. We are all part of human energetic systems, i.e. family, work, team or community, and we are impacted by the dynamic of these collectives. Often what is revealed are long-standing, hidden patterns that negatively influence how we experience our daily lives, family relationships, and business pursuits. As the true nature of issues and conflicts are revealed and rebalanced, harmony and healing takes place.

Bert Hellinger, the forefather of Systemic Constellation work discovered a natural order of which we are all a part of; a greater energy and wisdom that reaches beyond who we are as individuals. You can directly access this wisdom with the help of a System Constellation.

The results:

  • Healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self
  • Solutions to personal, family and work place issues
  • Release from generational entanglements
  • Achievement of goals
  • Overcoming anxiety, anger and fear


A System Constellation process is like putting markers on a metaphysical map - going straight to that location, time or situation to understand what is or was out of alignment and how that is impacting you.  The process then harmonises the situation and realigns what is manifesting for you now.

You are welcome to join a Constellation workshop as an observer, assisting in the Constellations of others without having a Constellation of your own. This is an excellent way to become familiar with the process.

Private Constellation sessions are facilitated either in person or via Skype.

Constellation Workshops are held in Australia and New Zealand, and Internationally by request. Contact us to book a Constellation or to join the next workshop.