True Connection – 2 Day Couples Workshop

We all have a longing for connection, and we look for it in our relationships.

Being in a relationship may be the greatest and most rewarding challenge we ever take on, or it can be a living hell!

It is about being seen and acknowledged for who we really are. Going beneath the patterns of behaviour that, while initially attractive, become the “rub” between couples that bring unhappiness, often leading to disappointment, hurt or despair.

Relationships have the opportunity to offer deep love, respect and reflection. Showing up honestly and bringing self-love to share with another creates the truest of connections and a sense of “easy” joy.

If you want to enrich your relationship with your partner, then this workshop may be for you.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore together:

  • Listening to your partner with an open heart
  • Cleansing past hurts or entanglements
  • Speaking your truth without fear of losing yourself
  • Discovering more about yourself
  • Finding a deeper sense of self-love and being available to share that with your partner
  • Honest, respectful communication
  • Experiencing a deeper sense of trust and understanding

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or just beginning a new one, we invite you to join us for a weekend you will never forget. Facilitated in small groups or as a Private Progam for individual couples.

Your facilitators, Sue and Grant Thompson have spent 38 years together experiencing the highs and lows of “normal” relationship. It was not until they met their hearts that they were able to bring forth the truest presence, love and connection with each other. And so it continues...

True Connection workshops are held in Australia and New Zealand, and Internationally by request. Contact us to join the next workshop.