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It’s such a privilege to bring our work and presence to an international audience,

eager to transform their lives for the better.

Our clients are men and women of all ages, from all walks of life and

an extraordinary number of regions throughout the world.

Their success is our joy, and their feedback we share with you.

Here it from our Clients:


The Intuitive Coaching Experience

Jane shares her experience:

“What can I say, yet another extraordinary session!  Stephen and I are beyond grateful for your help and support (not to mention the progress made on so many layers and levels!!!) Thank you just doesn't seem nearly adequate - but thank you.  Thank you xx" Jane - Australia

Justine shares her experience:

“This beautiful woman and her wonderful husband helped me complete one of my biggest happiness shifts of my life yet. Huge gratitude for her gifts.” Justine – New Zealand

Dianne shares her experience:

“Sue penetrated my thoughts with a depth of assurance and clarity. I felt a relaxed degree of harmony with her presence and that of the many who surrounded us. I was surprised. I had expected to be tense and nervous. Instead, I felt at ease and knew the message Sue brought would guide me with more clarity into the future. I love the new mantra she has given me!".

Dianne – Singapore & USA

Intuitive Coaching Ex

Stevie shares his experience:

“It increasingly feels like such a gift to be with you and your remarkable gift.

I love the words of Mary Magdalene calling for unconditional forgiveness and non-aggression. They spoke as if from my own heart. Reflecting on this, it seems that compiling the words of wisdom of the beings that speak through you will over time, create an ever-growing resource of help in our ailing world. Thank you". Stevie – Australia

The Wisdom Council Experience

Ivana shares her experience:

“I want to thank you and my guides for helping me make a little but huge shift in my life. I feel more love for myself, more easiness and more magic. I feel I can and do choose to embrace the new energy; I don't need to get stuck in the old. Love and light".

Ivana – Croatia

Suzie shares her experience:

“It is impossible to overstate the benefits that I have received from doing this process. Both professionally and personally it has been absolutely transforming.” S.M. (Lawyer) – Australia

Mark shares his experience:

Over the last 3 years I have been using the unique services that Sue and her husband Grant offer.  To put it simply it has changed my life. The channeling experiences have enabled me to understand my true self and the universe more deeply and to gain insights into my life’s purpose.

These experiences are always deeply loving and positive. As a result of the work we have done together my life has improved significantly and my level of wisdom has expanded greatly as I access universal intelligence.  I am eternally grateful for the incredible experiences Pure Heart Communications has given me and I intend to continue to experience this amazing guidance”. 

Mark – Australia

Clivia shares her experience:

"Since I began regular Wisdom Council Channeling sessions with Sue my life has become more focused, more joyful and more fulfilled.  Miracles and synchronicities seem to happen much more often.  I meet exactly the right person at the right time.  Such a beautiful unfolding. The Wisdom Council sessions have given me a lot of guidance around my vision and what I really want and how my life can be used in service of love.

My guides have sent me to amazing places such as Uluru in Australia, a waterfall in Nepal and a Sundance in Canada.  What I love so much about these sessions is that the teachings are so pure". 

Clivia – France 

Wisdom Council Ex

The Wisdom Circle Experience

Charisse shares her experience:

“It was an absolute pleasure and delight experiencing the Channeling. I’ve been grinning from ear to ear, and walking around with a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart! What a treat!”.

Charisse – New Zealand

Susan shares her experience:

“The thing that I love most about these sessions is that, even though they are in a group, no matter what questions are asked by other people the answers always seem to resonate perfectly with me,  as if they were specifically directed to my own unique circumstances.  It’s difficult to describe just how incredible this sharing is until you see it for yourself, but what Sue can do is absolutely amazing - the whole thing is truly amazing. It really is ‘the meaning of life’ stuff. “

Susan – Australia

Wisdom Circle Ex

The Systems Constellation Experience

Georgia shares her Constellation experience:

“OMG you guys are amazing. I took it easy for the few days following the Constellation, absorbing all the shifts, staying in a bit of a daze. Now becoming more focused, so much more empowered. It was such an incredible experience x thank you both so much. My heart, in particular, feels twice the size!” Georgia – New Zealand

Dave shares his Constellation experience:

"At first, I was daunted, but after my first session, I started to see how the constellation process could benefit me in so many ways. I would recommend to anyone the work Sue does. I have been blown away with how it has helped me improve many aspects of my life. I am immensely grateful for the knowledge and different understandings Sue has shown me through constellations."

Dave - New Zealand

Abigail shares her Constellation experience:

"I have experienced myself and seen in others how valuable constellation work is for any situation where you feel "stuck". It removes the cloudiness from an issue, explaining what has led to the present circumstances or mindset, and also showing a way forward. We get very attached to our difficult situations and try to think of every possible reason why it's happened and what's to blame, but Constellation work gives clarity about what needs to be addressed and addresses it fully."

Abigail - New Zealand

Stephen shares his Constellation experience:

“I felt very privileged to be able to witness and benefit from the gift that you both have and the clarity it has provided for me. The system constellation work has given me a greater understanding of the many threads that guide us. I look forward to continuing the journey of understanding with you both and wish you every success with Pure Heart Communications." Stephen - Australia 

Robbie & Karlien share their Constellation experience:

"We had been trying to get pregnant for over a year without luck. After testing the doctor told us we had infertility problems and that it would be very hard for us to become pregnant in a natural way. We are now happy to say that after our BodyTalk session and Constellation, our pregnancy test showed positive. Our doctor didn't understand how it was possible, but we knew better. We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to Ava, Sue and Grant for their amazing work and the gift they gave us!".

Robby & Karlien, Belgium  (Currently the proud parents of two beautiful children)

Veronica shares her Constellation experience:

“I came to you in very bad shape and emotionally broken. You showed me incredible kindness and care, and I don't mean just the constellation session, which was of course immensely powerful, but outside of that as a person. Please accept my deepest heartfelt gratitude and love. I will always remember your kindness and pay it forward to the universe to the best of my ability.”

Veronica – Australia

Systems Constellation Ex

The Retreat Experience:

Susie shares her experience:

"I came away feeling so inspired, reinvigorated and hopeful. I can already feel a very deep shift in me, and I seem to have found a new, more enlightened way of being and clearer perspective.  I feel much more supported and decisive somehow. Happier, more confident, and more determined. It is all so wonderful". Susie – Australia

Retreat Ex

More Feedback:

Jane shares her experience:

"Working with Pure Heart Communications (Sue and Grant) has been an exceptional experience. The level of insight, enlightenment, clarity and joy that I have gained from the journey with them has been genuinely life-changing. The warmth, calm and strength both Sue and Grant bring as facilitators build immediate trust and enable extraordinary outcomes. I have participated in a range of their services, from systems constellation work to channelling wisdom and guidance. Sue and Grant are passionately dedicated to generating positive personal growth - I would not hesitate to recommend the benefit of working with them." Jane – Australia

Renee shares her experience:

“After the many years of counselling from various "professionals"..... Sue what you teach is the best way to self-discovery, understanding and healing there is, in my opinion.  I know it works and it works fast if one is willing to open up. And no drug dependency !!!!!!

The experience was awesome, I got a great deal from it (facing your fears head-on is scary but so defusing) and having others help without any judgement is key. I felt the honesty in the room was enormous, and I am so grateful to everyone for sharing. The more I learn and grow, the more I want the wholeness. Sue and Grant are just bloody awesome.” Renee – New Zealand

Bianca shares her experience:

“I want to say a big thank you to both you and Grant, you beautiful human beings, for all that you did for me. I'm relishing in the feeling of regaining a sense of wholeness. There's something so special about what you do.” Bianca – New Zealand

More Feeback
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