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Systems Constellations

Untangle systemic issues and clear the way for the future.

The Constellation process investigates challenges and opportunities and often reveals long-standing, patterns that negatively influence our relationships, work and daily lives.

The root cause of the issue reveals itself, and we rebalanced the system

so that harmony and healing can take place. 

We are all part of energetic systems, i.e. family, work, team or our community, and feel the impact of the dynamic of these collectives.

Systemic Constellation work accesses greater wisdom that reaches beyond who we are as individuals and results in:

  • Healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self

  • Solutions to personal, family and workplace issues

  • Release from generational entanglements

  • Achievement of goals

  • Overcoming anxiety, anger and fear

The process is like placing markers on a metaphysical map – accessing the location,

time or situation to understand what is or was out of alignment and how that is impacting you.  We then harmonise the situation and realign what is manifesting for you now.

Private Constellations are facilitated online or in person. 

Systems Constellations

Martine shares her Constellation experience...

"I recently had a personal Family Constellation session with Sue and Grant. 

My intention was to have greater access to my Higher Self/inner guidance and I wanted to know what blocks might still be in the way. It has been a lifelong quest to know myself, including years of personal counselling, hundreds of workshops and every self-help/spiritual book on the planet (!),

all of which have had value. However, I felt stuck and unable to progress any further around my connection to the divine. Although I have done other Family Constellation work before, Grant and Sue’s unique intuitive take on it really shifted something profoundly for me.  Things have definitely lightened up - I feel more joy, less angst that I am ‘missing’ something and I’m delighted to say that a longstanding chronic back issue has almost completely gone! This is very tangible evidence for me that a real healing has occurred. My deep intention to heal was facilitated by their active ‘holding of space’ for my process and I am deeply grateful for their loving generosity and real desire to assist others who are well on the journey towards wholeness.  I highly recommend this powerful work for those with a strong intention to take responsibility for their own evolution".

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